Reply To: VERY slow startup – Might and Magic 3 – Isles of Terra


Ah I understand then.

Thank you for the help! Pretty sad that we couldn’t figure this out 🙁 I was so looking forward to play some old stuff. I’ll try to look for some other games then, maybe.

By the way..
Wizardry 7 mgc file is starting the game up but stays at black screen, does norhing, the controls pop up, then nothing, it won’t crash or quit from the game, just stays in black screen forever. (Although the gog version for this is pretty confusing, you had to download it from the extras, and it put the files in the DSavant folder inside the main Wizardry 7 gog folder. So I copied the files from there to the main Wizardry 7 folder, the game is playing nicely but I can’t get the imported widgets again to work.) Not sure if this helps but I guess I should mention it.