Reply To: VERY slow startup – Might and Magic 3 – Isles of Terra


Allright, but did you launch install.exe? And did you set the sound card in install.exe?(not in game profile). You must set sound card in game profile (your emulated machine) and the same in mm3’s install.exe program (in ms-dos was not plug-and-play detection for sound card, user had to instruct the program manually which sound card is in the pc)

“mount c c:\games\MM3” cannot work, you are not on windows.

You can use “mount c /android/data/bruenor.magicbox/files” for private application folder or “mount c: ” for public storage on android 11+ (you must grant read/write permissions in initial survey on some folder). Public storage for android 10 and below can be “mount c /storage/emulated/0/” for example. Google messed it terribly.

But generally “mount c: ” is correct. It replaces with granted path.

What is your android version?