Reply To: Gamepad controller joysticks


Oh well, i cant now test it, i am out. But it works this way

Go to game profile and turn on “native joystick”. This tells to emulated pc that you connected some kind of old joystick.

Now emulated game should detect it and should run calibration on startup. But many times you must run setup first and tell the game that you want control it by joystick. This setup is game dependent.

Then is there your ps4 controller. It has nothing to do with text above. It is only other device like touchscreen or buttons of your of your phone. So, if you want control “native joystick” with ps4 joystick, now is good time to bind “2axis joystick” in mapper to left or right stick. Dpad is the same like 2axis joystick, but supports state 0 or 1, unlike stick which supports full range. This range is then send to game which converts it for own needs.

Then there are additional bindings which can be bound to your ps4 controller. Relative mouse can be bound or keyboard keys as well.

I am not sure why stick bound to mouse cant move cursor. It should work.