Reply To: Gamepad controller joysticks


No I am playing 1 player.
With Tie fighter the gamepad wants me to calibrate the joystick, which Just wont work. I tried to map the joystick buttons for confirmation of the top-left/center/bottom-right/center procedure. After that the joystick doesnt work.
Mapping the mouse to the joystick in Settlers 2 also doesnt work. I can map the left stick to mouse and enable the mapper, but when pushing the stick the cursor doesnt move.
I think I am doing something wrong but dont know what.
I cannot map the left or the right joystick to “joystick”. It only has options none/mouse/D-pad. (I saw a YouTube clip to map it to “joystick” but no option is there).

I did test the gamecontroler with and all buttons/sticks work there.
Am I missing something?