Reply To: Game Cropped font at top of screen


Hello, thanks for the response. So it only happened on some retroarch sega master system games where the font at the top was clipped off a little. That was fixed by adjusting this overscan crop feature in that core through retroarch.. the only other instances are dos box pure thru retro arch, playing ultima 7. (No overscan options there)and magic dos box running ultima 7. Not sure if that’s how my screen resolution just displays it? Because researching tells me you cant adjust resolution for dos box or magic dos box. Or not in the way that I’m imagining in that it’s set too low so some of the image is getting clipped?

The font is right against the top of the screen, as compared to dos box examples I’ve found on youtube where the same game has a space above the font.. but I’m learning maybe that’s because the programs are matching the resolution of that person’s screen? Ultimately I was hoping magic dos box like exult, or so I’ve learned could zoom out in a way to show more real estate of the image and not be as zoomed in.. I think the way exult does it is by changing field of view? Because it’s a new engine in a way running it..So I don’t know if something like that is possible with magic dos .. I played with the expert settings and was able to set the path so it would run but putting the higher resolution or even using screen adjust while playing doesn’t allow more of the inherent image to be displayed.. i.e space above the font at the top.. any ideas are welcome!