Reply To: Unable to Add Games or Save Settings


Thanks again for the reply and link. I will check it out.

I did a fresh install of Magicbox, the paid version. Here is what I did and what I experienced.

Fresh Install from Google Play Store (I’m in the US and apparently we block the huawei sign-up process)
Grant permission to access photos and videos.
Welcome screen appears.
Games Folder selection is prompted.
I select a newly created folder, MS-DOS on the device’s main storage area.
I give Magicbox permission to access files in that folder.
Next, I select game layout and settings location.
I select a newly created folder, .magicbox on the device’s main storage area.
I select modern icons.
I close help and unselect “show at startup”
I add a game, Civilization in a Civilization folder in the MS-DOS directory.
The game appears in Magicbox as a selectable item.
Launching game (civ.exe) causes Magicbox to crash.
I relaunch Magicbox, no game is present to start. Icons have reverted to non-modern icons. Help screen appears again.
In the .magicbox folder the following is present:

Games (Folder)
Data (Folder)
e2e706….(Folder with random looking name)
Temp (Empty Folder)

I tried adding Civ two additional times and there are two new folders in the DATA folder after doing so. The game does not remain in Magicbox after adding it. I can paste the contents of any file if needed. Thanks again for the help! Hopefully other users will get some support from this.