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    WARNING: to use this layout, you need a > to 80 version of magicDosBox (with the Pixel Trap function). Version 80 and under will not working. This version could be unreleased at this moment.

    Prince of Persia on Wikipedia
    Prince of Persia 2 on Wikipedia

    Layout for both Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia 2 : The Shadow and the Flame. The layout will adapt automatically.

    Swipe from up to down: open OPTIONS menu
    Swipe from down to up: enables/disables the layout
    Swipe from left to right: show time remaining
    Swipe from right to left: enables/disables up and down d-pad buttons (disabling them is useful if you don’t want to trigger them by accident)

    prince1 explain
    Prince of Persia

    prince2 explain
    Prince of Persia 2

    options menu
    Options menu

    options menu
    Layout without up and down buttons (Prince of Persia 2)

    options menu
    Layout at 100% opacity without up and down buttons (Prince of Persia 2)

    options menu
    Easy copy protected code enter (Prince of Persia 2 only). Touching the Prince will show you the codes list.

    Download .mgc


    I tried this one with Prince of Persia 1, but it crashed the dosbox.
    Is it only usable on certain devices?
    I have a Samsung Galaxy 2 android 4.4 stock rom.
    The game runs ok when I create the game myself. I would just like to use your nice interface.
    Am I doing something wrong? Missing some files?

    Thanks in advance.

    (I did change the directory and startfile after the import, to my location of the files.)

    Al exAl ex

    This layout was created using a yet unreleased beta build. The new pixel trap function will be included in the next release, without it, the profile crashes in lower versions.


    Oh right. That makes sense. I hope the new build will come out soon then. Thanks for the explanation

    Al exAl ex

    Should release soon, the feature is running very stable and bug-free by now.

    Al exAl ex

    I must admit that I hadn’t tried this layout before. I’ve just tested it, and WOW! This is one of the best (if not the best) layouts I’ve seen so far. Extremely well done! 🏆
    Works like a charm in the official v81 release, too.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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