Version 1.0.21:

Fixes in slovak translation


Version 1.0.20:

Hello, hope you are all rested after Christmas:) We rested too, but not full time. We worked on new update which will make happy a lot of people. First I want to thank all people who worked on this version. I don’t know where should I begin. I want send my thanks to Laura for core implementation of xbox 360 joystick and similar devices. Making GUI was then easier part. Then Jiovial and all people who supported french translation on Magic dosbox has many texts and I know that translation was really hard task. Of course Alex, Richard, Benny and many others for testing and good ideas.

– Voodoo control – support for external joystick, look here
– Design mode – first half of update for design mode. Was redesigned floating toolbar and were added new functions for better layout designing. Functions are described here.
– french translation
– one new widget background
– fixed home key
– updated website

Unfortunately not all claimed functions or bug fixes are done yet, but we are working on it.


Version 1.0.19 :

– minor bugfix
– enabled desktop shortcut creating for free version

Version 1.0.18 :

Christmas dragon arrived! and brang a lot of bugfixes, new options and widget backgrounds. Better design mode must be pushed to next version…

– global settings has new options for translators
– added 10 new classic widget backgrounds and 3 fallout styled(watch screenshots on website)
– started forum
– fixed reported bugs


Version 1.0.17 :

Hello friends, let me introduce new Magic Dosbox version. This update brings a lot of new features which affected almost every corner of this application. Big thanks to Alex for german translation. This was very hard task. One more thanks.

– you can make game shortcut to desktop
– global settings has new options for controlling sdcard and storages
– improved sdcard handling on kitkat
– multilanguage support in global settings, supported language packs are english, german and slovak
– changed key double tap min time
– improved sdcard detection
– swap image function
– android 5 fixes
– please report bugs


Version 1.0.16 :

This version introduce export/import game profile. It is first attempt to make mechanism for sharing game profiles between players. Importing from device with  other aspect ratio is not optimal, but we must start somehow.

– Export profile(both version)
– Import profile(donated version)
– Duplicate profile(donated version)
– rewritten double tap on key widget(both versions)
– master of puppets is more customizable(donated version)
– various bug fixes and improvements

Long press on game profile brings profile settings. Until now you could notice “delete” button on right bottom side of window. This button is obsolete now, instead it calls new options. Here you can export, delete and duplicate your profile.

Key widget can serve single tap – standard keyboard behavior and double tap which is useful when you don’t need quick reactions. Double tap worked, but this version improved reaction time and in addition you can set timer for custom use.

Master of puppets widget is more customizable. You can set opacity and custom middle crosshair.

There were some additional bugfixes and improvements. One of them fixed opacity crash on android 2.3.

Thank you Alex for testing and good ideas.


Version 1.0.15 :

– renamed to Magic Dosbox
– re-designed widget options – hope will be much more user friendly
– added new graphical feature for widget – background texture
– layout will have less size after save – loading shoud be a bit faster
– in advanced settings is new flag for controling general settings window
– bug fixes in key widget
– new images, icons and several improvements


Google suspended free version of magicbox probably due name “MagicBox”. We unpublished donated version for a while until Google will answer at our email. I’m sorry for problems;(


Version 1.0.14 :

– Resize (in General Settings) has new functionalities :
– you can switch between fit to screen/ fullscreen aspect
– resize screen
– long touch unlocks the screen and you can change its position(landscape)
– default for new game size is fit to screen and screen is expanded
– some fixes in MS mouse fix


Version 1.0.13 ! 🙂 What is new :

– Deadly strike has new ability : Claws of mouse warrior
– support for *.gog files
– when android/task killer kills magicbox you will be redirected to collection instead of crash (thank you all for reporting)
– in Global settings is new feature – Back to collection  (thank you alex for hint)
– Samsung Note stylus support – look here how it works (thanks Alex and Alex 🙂 for testing and ideas)
– updated website


Good News Everyone! Version 1.0.12 is out:)

– storage detection is better and better:)
– in Global settings was added new option. It is possible to change filebrowser items size. You can choose between small, medium and large size(Thank you Mirek)
– crash fix for Ultima 7 and probably for some other games(Really big thanks to Alex)


– improved storage detection
– in Global settings (top button on left side when you start magicbox) was added new options to define two custom storage paths. It is useful when magicbox fails to detect external storage. You can tell magicbox its location manually. Additional benefit of this options is, that you can define shortcut f.e to downloads folder.


Version 1.0.10

Hello, new version 1.0.10 is out. Before I’ll describe changes I want to thank all who helped me with this version. I send special thanks to M-HT. Hat off friend. I must not forget at Jay, Zen and Erik for their time with testing and bringing new ideas. Thank you guys.

what is new :
– better storage detection. A lot of people will be asked to choose between internal and external storage
– speed fix for several devices
– fixed crash on some devices when shutting down magicbox
– added hints on several places
– some dialog windows are redesigned
– added Edit button to design mode menu, it is not necessary to double tap on widget now
– added new image : magic leaf


Version 1.0.9
I want to thank for all good reviews.

What’s new :
– Important! rewritten keyboard management. I hope that key handling will work much more precise. Please report any issues to
– icons gallery is organized by icon type now
– i painted several weapons icons + some others. You can find them in icons gallery


Version 1.0.8

– I was forced to change default mouse type to relative for newly added games 🙁
– improvements in mounting system. You can install and play Daggerfall without using expert settings now.
– game configuration has new settings under section Performance. You can choose between
– automatic performance(recommended)
– cycles max
– cycles custom
– added new icon (fireball)


Version 1.0.7

– fixed displaying UTF-8 characters in Master of Puppets


Version 1.0.6. I have to fix opengl textures for some devices. They did not render.
– fixed black widgets on some devices(rendering error)
– fixed longpress issues
– you can reorder CD’s now

Thank you Sean for help.


Hello, version 1.0.5 is out. I thank you all for reviews.

What’s new :

– quitting dosbox dismisses general settings properly
– added info about cputype to script which is generated with default button in expert settings. CPU type and paging is taken from Ykhwong’s SVN branch.
– improved website(see General Settings/Power)
– added 3 new icons (health, mana and endurance potion) enjoy;)


Version 1.0.4. I enabled “Special widget” in free version.  People can use mouse reset manually now.

*** I got first reviews.  Thanks to Peter and Sergei 🙂


New version 1.0.3 is out.

changes :

  • if you map widget to swipe and you don’t have any than notification message will appear (instead empty widget browser).
  • if you map widget without image to swipe than default image will be shown


MagicBox was updated to version 1.0.2. There are improvements in keys browser. Arrow keys are correctly displayed now.


I uploaded my first APK to google play 🙂 It is called MagicBox and allows you to play old dos games on android devices.  I hope it will be as good as AnDosbox or Dosbox turbo  one day. And …sorry for my bad english…

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