MS-DOS games and apps

What is MS-DOS? I will not write here long story about this system. I will provide here short guide which can help you to orientate. If you need more information, please look here. This website has plenty info and I will use it here as information source.

So…in stone age (in my childhood) there was one very strange operating system called MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk – Operating system). I really recommend this movie. 😀 It is amazing and will explain a lot of.

MS-DOS is non graphical system. This means no desktop, no windows, no Facebook, just black console and command line. You was controlling all with commands written to line. This system is grandfather of Windows XP and Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Well, it seems strange, but it worked and what more – we played games. Magic Dosbox emulates this environment, so you can run dos games on modern devices (your android tablet or phone).

Which files you can run?

Every desktop application has special file which will start it. In Windows XP, 7, 8 these files ends with “.exe” or “.bat”. MS-DOS can run these files too and one additional : “.com”. Files with these extensions are entry gates for MS-DOS application.