Main Menu

Main menu is entry place what shows after the Magic Dosbox is started. At beginning you see black area and panel with three icons on left side. In bottom right corner is icon for accessing the help icon_imgnone. Icons on left side opens specific options and offers various controls functions.

  • icon_settings Contains options for controlling whole application and main menu
  • icon_addFunctions for adding new game, collection or importing exported game layout.
  • icon_editReorganize games and collections

icon_settings Global options and Main menu
This icon opens dialogs with two important options :

  • Global settings – settings what rules across all games added to main menu. See more details here
  • Main menu settings – main menu specific settings :
  • Title – window title of main menu
  • Item Size – size for icons of games added to main menu. Default size is calculated to have 3 columns in portrait mode. Other sizes are (small, medium, large).
  • Back to main menu when quits – return to main menu when the game quits
  • Show last stared games – main menu shows last two started games by default. It’s possible to not showing them with this option.

icon_add Add new game, collection or import layout
This icon offers function for adding new game, collection or import exported game layout. People share their layouts here (requires registration).

  • icon_cmdadd new game to main menu. Please see more information here.
  • icon_folderadd new game collection to main menu. Servers for grouping games.
  • icon_crateMagic Dosbox offers highly customizable game layout. You can add your own virtual buttons (widgets), change their look, size or position. This layout with whole game settings can be exported to mgc file. File can be imported again using this option

icon_edit Reorganize games and collections