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    The Google Play store shows that Magic DOSBox isn’t compatible with my nVidia Shield TV. Is there any possibility of adding support for that device? (and not knowing anything about building Android packages, what makes a particular application incompatible with a particular device?)



    no, there is not official support currently. Magic Dosbox works well with shield tv, however is not fully controllable with remote controller, that’s why google blocks it. However I can help you, just send me email.

    For anyone, be patient. We are working on that, but it is terrible lot of work and will not be finished in near future. Currently main menu is 100% rewritten, in game interface is done around 30%. Virtual keyboard was not compatible with console systems and we work hardly on new implementation which could be released in next update. Small preview :



    Any progress on this? I’d love to commit to this app, but I can’t do so if it’s barely controllable on my Shield (so far I’m testing the free version and – UI control aside – it’s awesome).

    The only thing I feel we really need for Shield (Android TV) use is being able to use a controller in the main menu (UI), even if this just means mapping the mouse to the right stick when this option is turned on so we can at least point and click at things without a touchscreen.

    I don’t mind a controller being required (i.e. not just the remote) to use this app on Android TV, but right now it’s a real pain to use the proram because I’m switching between my real mouse to move around in the menus but needing my controller for back button, etc. use… so I’ve got to have both on my lap at the same time! In-game this isn’t an issue, as I expect to use either physical keyboard/mouse or controller (if I’ve set it up) when playing… it’s just the UI that’s the issue.


    I hate to bump this, but how far off are we from Android TV or at least full controller UI support? Even if it’s just via “right stick = mouse” and not yet “officially” Android TV compatible (so still needs to be side-loaded)?

    I don’t want to be a pain, but I *really* want to buy this for my 2017 nVidia Shield, as I’m a *huge* DOS freak! 🙂

    I would be more than willing to help out with testing stuff, submitting configs, etc. once I can run it comfortably.


    I’m also curious about AndroidTV mod for my Shield as well.
    Hey Banjo, how you deal with it? Do you use keyboard and mouse?

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