Reply To: Touch position widget


Oh Ya I know I’ve been using Magic Dosbox on and off for YEARS, I had Daggerfall Fully touch screen back in the day..

And ya I’m liking pixel trap, I was just playing around with it again, Backed up cause I know I’m gonns mess something up..

And ya, Im trying that now.

I made a ‘PT’ layer, And have pixel trap execute a Deadly Strike named ‘PTS” in the’ PT’ layer..

What I’m attempting now, is basically to be able to use the ‘PT’ layer,to call multiple Deadly strikes in that layer, by what the pixel trap detects..

Example :

When I’m in The Fast travel map with the begin exit choice, pixel trap will execute the deadly strike widget for the layer switch for either choice..

But theb in the same PT layer, say I go to save game section.

I want to use the same PT layer to execute another Deadly Strike widget to select a save location..

Which as far as I can tell wont work unless I create a whole new layer to get touch location and take the action needed.. Which would be totally different from the Fast map begin exit option.

Am I seeing that correctly?


Ok I think I see what you mean, use the deadly strike for each different screen, I was stuck in the layers, I dont necessarily need the layers just the actions of each Deadly Strike.

gotta go to work, play with it more later, lol