Reply To: Touch position widget


Ya, my issue is, for example the ‘Fast Travel’ Map, I have a special layer to navigate and select options and I disappear the actual game layer…

So if you decide to travel another window pops up and asks begin travel or exit, well if they begin travel it loads the location and puts you back in the game, so I needed a trigger for the begin option, to disappear the Fmap layer and bring back the game map layer.

So basically I had to have an invisible widgets sitting in the middle if the map..

And ya, after I posted I played with Pixel Capture, and, eventually I figured it out.

One suggestion on that, lets us do more widgets with that option. Like ‘Deadly Strike’.

Reason being, my solution was to create a new layer, assign it an invisible and undectable widget in that new layer, and use Pixel Capture to do the needed layer switch..

Now, while that solution works that’s going to end up being a WHOLE BUNCH of layers, and widgets just for a simple begin or exit option..

Unless you can suggest a more efficient way that I’m not thinking of.. Keep in mind I’m considering actually starting over, the pixel capture being a strong influence on the new layers.

And I’ll check the deadly strike to deadly strike, I haven’t tried that.