Reply To: Windows 95 Installation, Protection Error on Virtualbox?? Tears and Solutions


Oh i almost forgot to mention that there is also another quirk to the windows 95 setup. Most versions of windows, at least those i have, cannot be booted from cd and thus need a bootdisk. The process goes as following. First you start from the bootdisk image. Then you have to create a dos partition on the harddisk, from the commandline. The first command would be: fdisk(without the point at the end). In most cases it will detect that the hardrive is greater than 512 mb even tough the harddrive is only 512 mb in size. It will ask you if you want to support bigger sizes, which you can answer with yes or no. if you answer with no you cannot you use big harddrive images you mount later.

Then it will present 4 options. The first option is: “create a dos partition or logical dosdrive”. if you select this option it give 3 new options, the first one would be: “create primary dos partition”. If you select this option it will ask you if you want to use the maximums available space for the partition and make it active. if this option is selected the program wants you to restart the machine. simply turn it manually off via the virtualbox menue, then start it again. after that you have to format the c drive. this can be done with the command: format c: or format c: /s. After answering the warnig with yes, the setup routine can be started right away with: d:win95/setup. the letter d: can change depending on what version of windows 95 is used, in my case it was r:win95/setup. the corresponding diskdrive letter should be displayed after the bootdisk has installed the diskdriver, which it does every time you boot up the system from the bootdisk. also the setup.exe location can change depending on the version. a quick search with (for example) d: dir should spit out the folder structure of the installation disk.