Reply To: Target Trouble


Admin, I do not have the profile anymore. It was just an experiment, so when it didn’t work I just deleted it. It’s no biggie anyway. A couple of extra icons in the file don’t make much difference. I keep my icons at 192×192 pixels, that is what’s recommended, right?
If I feel like trying again, I will work a little harder, keeping Al ex advice in mind. I probably used Windows built-in Add to compressed folder command to zip it. I’ll try with 7zip next time.

Al ex, good luck with your pixel traps. I guess this problem won’t affect me, then, I just started using them. Together with layers they make a fabulous tool! The sky is the limit to what we can do with this. I’m getting more excited by Magic Dosbox every day.

It’s also great to rediscover my old favorite games in this way. First Might and Magic: World of Xeen (which I have now completed), and now Ultima Underworlds. I have now explored most of the first level and just found my first shrine. But all the acrobatics needed to move about in this world, and to put down the monsters, can be frustrating at times. I remember feeling the same back in the day, and then I was playing with a mouse. I miss the Teleport spells from M&M already. 😊