Reply To: Target Trouble


Yes, I’m getting really excited about it. It’s gotten to the point that I plan to play it for a while and see how it goes. You can see below what it looks like now, but I already have found things that I will change. Beside the visible buttons I have about 10 layers of invisible widgets turned on and off by pixel traps, so far.

SongJiang, my original problem was not related to the pixel traps. That was just an additional problem that turned up when the pixel trap and target click where on the same spot. While I’m developing I keep all my widgets transparent and visible, so I can see my different layers kick in and out. When I manually move the cursor over the pixel trap I can see the widgets disappear, and return when I move the cursor again. Anyway, having a move in my deadly strike solves both problems.

Thanks for your thoughts, guys.
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