Reply To: Ultima VI – The False Prophet


Here is the profile I’m working on. But I’ve tried this on several setups. The profile I linked, a complete blank profile using the keyboard, your profile and on Dosbox 0.74.3 on the PC. The results are the same, except on your profile. Neither pressing a number widget nor pressing a number on the keyboard works as target for a Move command. In your profile, however, both methods work. In all the other setups, I have to click the character on the map.

That leads me to think that there is something you have done with your profile, but I cannot find out what it is. Or maybe it’s something else I haven’t understood. It’s no biggie, but it would be nice to have it work. I have used the same version of the game for all my tests, a freshly installed GoG-version.

I’ve started playing it a little now, and I feel I’m getting sucked into that old Ultima feeling. It’s been many years since I played one of these games. They are definitely deeper than M&M that I have spent most of my Android retrogaming time on so far. I haven’t gotten far, just started exploring the dungeons under Castle British, and nearly died from poison. 😊