Reply To: Ultima VI – The False Prophet


Very nice layout, Al ex! I’ve played around with it, finding many nice ideas that I could use. I’m making my own for the big screen, with the widgets outside of the game screen. I’m using the same design for Ultima 6 and the two Worlds of Ultima, as we discussed before.

The map trick was neat. Have you tried that widget on the WoU’s? I tried it on both, and it gives widely different results.

However, I have a question: When I play your layout and select something to Move from my inventory, I can give it to another character by tapping his number. It also works when I pull up the keyboard and type the characters number. I find this very practical.

But none of these methods works on my own layout! I have number buttons beside the game screen, and as far as I can see they are set up the same way as yours. If I tap my number button (after choosing an item), or use the keyboard I get a Move to none message, and the item stays where it is.

Do you have any idea about what I’m doing wrong?