Reply To: Might and Magic: World of Xeen


Thank you, Al-Ex!

I have been testing Pixel Traps a little bit, and I’ve got an idea that I can use that and layers to hide and show the icons on the right automatically, depending on if we are in fight mode or not. And then I could also drop them on top of the icons as invisible buttons. So there might be a version 2.0 someday, we’ll see.

I love the Ultima games too, of course. That is why I chose the Avatar as my, eh, avatar. I started the series with Ultima 7 and the Underworlds, so they are closest to my heart. I have not played Ultima 6 yet, but I plan to. I’ve started working on Worlds of Ultima 1, and that has very similar interface as Ultima 6, is not that right?