Reply To: Might and Magic 4/5, GoG-version, CD problem


Thank! But I still have a way to go before mastering this program, even if my Might & Magic template works pretty well. I will see if I publish it here this weekend.
I tested Pixel Traps a little yesterday, and it gave me a couple of ideas. Very interesting. But first I must learn how to control the mouse.
Ultima Underworld is much more mouse driven than M&M, with right-click and drag, and other mechanisms. And I can’t even get Target to work properly.
For instance, there are three spots on the game screen where you can click and get some information. So I thought it would be nice to have a widget to do these clicks for me. I use relative mouse, so I made a Deadly Strike that:
1) Change to absolute mouse.
2) Use a Target to click where I want it to.
3) Change back to relative mouse.
The problem is that it doesn’t work properly! Sometimes it hits the right spot, often it does not. It seems that if I move the cursor to the top left corner before activating my widget, it gets a better chance of hitting the spot, but no guarantee. Any tips on this?