Reply To: Might and Magic 4/5, GoG-version, CD problem


My problem so far has been trying too many games at once. But now I’ve started working for real on Ultima Underworlds 1, and plan to finish that before I move on. Hopefully, a UW1 profile should be easily portable to UW2, but I’ll see.

I play on a big tablet, so I use a part of the screen for the game window, and the rest of the screen for widgets. I aim to play as much of the game possible by using only one finger. Using both hands is impractical, since I need one hand to hold the tablet.

The right-click and drag for manipulating and picking up objects is my biggest concern. Is it possible to somehow lock the right mouse button? What I hope to achieve is to put the mouse cursor over an object in the game world, and then activate a grab widget that locks the right mouse button and then move the cursor via a target on to the inventory area. I’m not sure if this is possible, but I haven’t tested much yet. Any hints would be welcome.