Reply To: Might and Magic 4/5, GoG-version, CD problem


That is one solution that I don’t think I would have thought of myself. It works perfectly. Thanks again for your help!

I’m having great fun trying to make the most of Magic Dosbox. One thing is to know about the different elements, another thing is to figure out how it all can be put together. So I started out with a simple pinball game, and then moved on to moderately advanced games such as Might and Magic. But I surprised myself by getting so hooked on this game. I had great fun with it 25 years ago, but I honestly thought it had aged too much to be very interesting in 2021. Oldies are goldies, I suppose.

My big goal is to be able to play Ultima 7 and the Ultima Underworld games comfortably on my tablet. These are some of my favorite games of all time, but they seem to be difficult to play without a mouse. I have played around with the designs posted here, especially JaglanBeta’s design for UW2 looks amazing and very advanced. I’m trying to dissect it to find out what it does. I got a feeling that if I understand that, I will be close to mastering Magic Dosbox.

By the way, did the picture I posted in my last post show up ok? It shows for me, but that may be because I was already signed in to DropBox.