Reply To: Might and Magic 4/5, GoG-version, CD problem


Hi again

I assure that Ctrl-F4 and Enter is necessary. If you look at the picture, it clearly says what you should do. In normal Dosbox on the PC that makes the program switch CD images. In Magic Dosbox I need to switch images myself before sending the combo. If I just switch images, nothing happens before I press Ctrl-F4 and Enter.
I’m using the current version of this game from Good Old Games.
Might and Magic: Worlds of Xeen

If you look at the bottom of the picture, I have added two controls (circled in red).
The Special switches CD images.
The Deadly Strike sends Ctrl-F4, and after a short pause Enter.
Pressing these controls, one after the other, takes care of the problem. So the game is now fully playable for me.

What I am hoping to achieve is to combine these two controls into one, so I can make the switch with one tap.. Is this possible?
I would think a Combo is the way to go. I can add a Deadly Strike to a Combo, but I see no way to add a Special.