Reply To: Might and Magic 4/5, GoG-version, CD problem


Hello again. No worries, by all means.

Thank you very much! Now I’m able to play the game, including the switch between the worlds. The solution was ALMOST the same I have tried before, but not quite. We live and learn.

When the Ctrl-F4, Enter prompt appear, I can now switch cd images in the Magic Dosbox interface, and send the keypresses. Then the game continues as it should.

I have a follow up question. I have now added two buttons to my gaming screen. One Special that change the cd image, and one Deadly Strike that sends Ctrl-F4 and Enter, with a little pause between. I press both buttons when the need arise, and it works very well.

The question is: Can I somehow make one virtual button that executes both of these actions, one after the other?

Thanks again for your help!