Reply To: The Sims Win 95/98 ?


I was able to get Win 95 The Sims 1 version 1.1 to work only once on my Galaxy Note20 ULtra 5G, played a bit and works fine, sound is choppy, loads fast. After that anytime I launch the game it CTDs in the loading screen (at Calculating Money Supply), I read the Readme in the CD which also provides some debugging tools for the desktop shortcut:

-nodx6 (reverts to DX3)
-w (windowed mode)
-r1024x768 (forces 1024×768 mode)
-skip_verify (… Possible solution for some laptop and audio/video workstation problems…)

Also I found out that launching the game with -nosound doesn’t cause CTD, thus I am assuming is has to do with sound drivers or sound card.

I am sure that with correct DOSBox config settings and Windows settings (like patches for Windows 95) the game will run with each launch. Which btw suggestions are welcome and I am willing to test 🙂

Edit: It did work only once again after reinstalling the Soundblaster 16 drivers.

Edit: Alright this is ridiculous but I found a fix… All you need to do is launch the game, wait for the loading sceen and then alt+tab to your desktop. The game will popup by itself taking you to the last loading screen then onto the neighborhood selection (: