Reply To: Dungeon Mapper


Whoa! This is great! I haven’t checked the forum in a few months because my new obsession is Spiderweb Software. This is a great surprise!

I bought some M&M games on GOG but haven’t had the chance to get into them yet because most of my gaming is ‘on-the-go’. My main experience is with the Gold Box games, which give you an incomplete automap, which is usually enough to muddle through.

I would think that the most important things are being able to document the actual floor plan, and being able to place notes on certain tiles. With just those two features, you should be able to play most games properly, right?

I have one (very low-priority) idea: what about a line tool that lets you connect two squares arbitrarily? I think you occasionally have weird ‘teleport’ type squares, but also a line tool would let this app double as a mapping tool for text adventures and other games where the world is a graph rather than a grid. That’s another genre I’d like to get into but it’s just not possible without pencil and paper.

Might be good to have cut/copy/paste in case you realize you’ve made a mistake and you need to shift part of your map around.