Reply To: How do I set up proper keyboard controls


I don’t have a job atm, and my parents can’t afford nice pcs, and my parents aren’t gonna buy me a brand new windows pc when I got a used chromebook for $120 (that I wanted for simple internet browsing and for further android app compatibility. I really like android as a whole, a lot of customization that’s possible without breaking the bank).They don’t understand technology like I do. And even if they did, we either can’t afford it, or they deem it unnecessary for a multitude of reasons. I’ve come to accept it at 22 years old. Haven’t been able to get my license for a few years due to my arrogance and unwillingness to learn how to drive, so it’s impossible for me to get a job. That’ll change this year since I’m 22 and I can’t live with my parents forever. Then I’ll be able to emulate dosbox on a decent laptop in the future from working a job that I’ll make sure I’ll like; hopefully without any issues Perhaps much much more than that.
Thanks for the help you guys. I appreciate it. I’ll respond ASAP.