Reply To: Play games larger than 2GB in Win95…?


As said, check the Android port. Its MILES better to play it on mobile than using mdb. Ive completed all games in my phone, s7 galaxy edge with exynos chipset ( BG1,2 IWD1,2 PS:T and NWN 😛 )… size screen is not a dealbreaker and usability is very good.

Furthermore, I think that PS:T and other infinity engine games are built for xin xp and wont work on win 95. Plus I imagine that the loading times on a phone would be scary.

Furthermore, there is a free engine reimplementation called GEMrb. Its a bit of a pain to set up and has some bugs but you can play through the full game. And other as well like BG1, 2 and IWD1 ( IWD2 is unpolished and uncompletable thou )