Reply To: Backup Games and Settings for Magic-DosBox

Al ex

Magic Dosbox is installed in “/sdcard/Android/data/bruenor.magicbox”

The game profiles are stored in either “/sdcard/.Magicbox” (that’s the public location) or in “”/sdcard/Android/data/bruenor.magicbox\.MagicBox” (I think, maybe some subdirectory in there. Anyway, that’s the private location)

In some cases, it’s not “/sdcard/”, but “storage/emulated/0” or “storage/sdcard/”, or whatever. But file explorers will show the root of your sdcard regardless of the file path behind it, so that won’t be a problem.

Just open up the zip after you’ve created the backup, then you’ll see how everything’s stored in there. The zip file should put everything in the correct folder when you unzip it to the root of your sd card.