Reply To: Sid Meier’s Colonization (phone)


-== Instructions ==-

The tiny scroll in the top right corner is always present. Click once to select layout. Click a second time to hide all layouts.
Layout selection button

Let’s say you start on the map screen:
map screen

Click the scroll to bring up Layout selection:
layout selection

Select the Map layout, and you will see this:
map screen with layout

The + and – can be used to zoom in and out of the map, respectively.

The Orders button can be used to bring up the Orders menu.
When a unit is active, use the Orders menu to Fortify the unit, build a road, plow, etc.
If the active unit is standing on a colony, click “Enter colony” to go to the Colony screen.
Orders menu

The tiny wheels to the left and right can be used to bring up the steering wheel on the left or right side. The steering is an 8-way D-pad that can be used to navigate your unit around the map.
Click a second time on the tiny steering wheel to hide the big one.
steering wheel