Reply To: Disk emulation in RAM


The struggle continues. 🙂
Played with Magic DosBox little more and found out that it supports up to 512 Mb of EMS memory, cool!
Since I didn’t give up with that “RAM drive” idea, I decided to mount ordinary ram-disk software, and figured out that all RAM disks hang in DosBox.

I tried DOS RAM disks from several developers:

– MS Ramdrive from MS-DOS 6.22 (DosBox doesn’t support config.sys commands, but it is possible to load drivers from command line):
1st, you need to add available device letters with “LastDrive” utility:
2nd, load RAMDRIVE.SYS with “DevLoad” utility:

– ReSizeable RAMDisk:

– XMSDisk:


– LVDisk:

(Listed all them here in case you’ll want to test them).
They all work in full DOS environment, but hang in DosBox, no matter if I try to use XMS or EMS memory.

So, now the question is: is it possible to add support for software RAM disks in Magic DosBox?