Reply To: Fallout 2 help


You can play Fallout 2 (RP) on the paid version (64mb ram) too, just use virtual memory to increase your ram (I used 256mb of hard drive space on my hdd that has fallout2). Though a native support is always preferred!

I tested, it worked. I was able to load my save from the free version (256mb ram) and play for 5min. I didn’t see any noticeable differences between the two, but I didn’t properly timed the load times so maybe there are some.

I followed the guide for dosbox turbo and have killap’s RP installed (the one in the tutorial, not from his website).

PS: I like making my own layouts too, I added things like quick save & load, rest, full access to skilldex (and use it to set amount during bartering), mouse navigation shortcuts for barter (more useful in Fallout 1) and take all.