Reply To: A few questions from a newcomer


Thanks for the welcome, Alex… and the tip. I am used to setting my audio to 44.1 khz on PC, but when I did it on Magic DosBox for the PC speaker in Space Quest 1 as a test, it slowed down the emulation quite a lot. If that shouldn’t be the case (and I was surprised because that’s far from a demanding game), I assume I set something else differently (since I had to turn off “auto” to change the audio rate) so will have a play.

Admin: my Nvidia Shield was a Christmas present so I’m still getting used to Android (my phones/tablet are Apple). I’ve always disliked how Apple feel *they* know best how you want to use your devices, and was hoping Android was more “open”… however while it is, Google still seems to want to control everything and it honestly seems worse than when I last had an Android device years ago. 🙁