Reply To: Fallout 2 DirectX error


Hmm. Thanks for your comment. I basically get the same result with SteamLink but it’s streaming from my PC instead. They both have pros and cons. SteamLink uses data when away from home and only allows so many configurable buttons on screen…but I can just use the GOG version of any old game without worrying about the quirks of Windows 9x and incompatibilities. Magic Dosbox requires setup of individual games and other issues that come with emulation (having to have specific files, etc) but no data usage. I tried Exagear and even though it’s easier to setup, Magic Dosbox has better on-screen control configurations. Just to save myself headaches, I think I’m going to just continue to use SteamLink for remote play. All it takes is installing GOG or Steam game as normal and then adding non-steam game if necessary, setup controls, and play. I can also use this for the latest AAA games as well. SteamLink is free, as well. I had no problem playing Ultima Underworld 2 with a controller though Magic Dosbox which was fun. I own it and I’m sure I’ll put it to use again.