Reply To: Benchmark


Hello everyone! I’m new to this nostalgia fun thanks to magic dosbox.
I’ve benchmarked old tablet Google Nexus 7 (
Rom updated to: Android 7.1.2 (crDroid 7.1.2 20180618-grouper-v3.8.8)
Result is 2894 realtics.

Looks pretty slow but most dos games I’ve tested so far works very well:
– prince of persia 1 and 2,
– flashback,
– wizardry 6 and 7,
– robinson’s requiem,
– the lord of the rings vol.1 and vol.2,
– ultima 7,
– lands of lore 1,
– albion,
– dreamweb,
– prisoner of ice
– ultima underworld 1 and 2

The only ones that I’m not satisfied with for now are:
– Lands of lore 2 requires low settings to work fluently,
– Daggerfall – hardly playable on full screen and full settings. I guess it is about 15fps.

Next step is to read how to run windows 98 and then diablo and fallout…but probably my tablet will die on these ;).