Reply To: Sid Meier’s Colonization (tablet)


v0.13 legend:

Left steering wheel toggle, Right steering wheel toggle The tiny compass roses in the top left and right corners, toggle the left and right D-pad, respectively.

Keyboard toggle Under that is the keyboard toggle.

Under that are the three layout buttons, corresponding to the three main screens in Colonization:


If the right layout isn’t shown, tap one of the buttons. Tap another time to hide the layout.

Three useful buttonsUnder that are three buttons that are useful on any screen: Info (F1), Enter, and Unload (u).

The compass rose is an 8-way D-pad. Tapping the centre of it centres on the current unit.

Units iconThe Unit Order icon pops up a grid with all commands you can give to a unit.
The “zzz” button lets the current unit wait and activates the next unit.
The footsteps button orders the unit to go to a colony (or Europe).

Any other commands can be accessed from the drop-down menus, since they’re not used as often. (Please comment if you think any command is missing from the UI.)

On the Colony and Europe screens, you can move part of a cargo. Click “Split cargo” and drag cargo between the warehouse and transport. The numeric keypad will pop up. Fill in the amount you want to move and press enter on the keypad, or cancel.