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Threin Fhir

Ok, here we go. I made this for a phone (Pixel 2), so if it works on anything larger let me know. I’m curious.


This is totally clean. The game starts with everything hidden. I like to enjoy the wonderful intro for this game. 🙂

If you swipe up it will bring up the onscreen controls. It’s essentially all the function buttons. They will change to whatever function they serve, like navigation and market buttons. Depends on what screen you are on.

Swiping left will bring up the flight controls. It’s just a joystick, throttle buttons, and a jump button. The throttle also serve as zoom controls when double tapped, and double tapping the jump button will force a miss-jump. Double tapping with the mouse on the main view will right click for more precise maneuvering.

Swipe down to show the weapon buttons. They’re pretty self explanatory. You have to double tap the eject for it to trigger. The missile/bomb button is single and double tap for they’re respective function.

Swipe right to bring up the Navigation and time controls. This will overlay the joystick, so you can rotate your view when on external view. It’s pretty self explanatory. The time will bring up the time acceleration menu. If you use the pause twice it will bring up the in-game menu. Mouse nav will swap absolute and relative.

Full Flight
This is what it looks like when in full flight mode.

This shows how the navigation control will overlay the joystick.

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