Reply To: Can't open xxxx


@Alex, @admin

Thanks for responding.. the problem seems gone now.. I don’t really know what happened.
Before upgrading to Android 9.. I had the SD card listed as ‘Read-Only’.. When I requested access to the SD card I had my internal storage, the read-only sd-card and another one which was also the SD card as full access..
After re-requesting access again (for second time after the upgrade) i was left with only the internal storage and full-access sd card.
Now one of my games that was failing seems to run, and I am going to retry Daggerfall one of the following days.. Hopefully all will work. I will come back if it happens again and I have more information to share. I guess it’s magic.. Magic Dosbox.. Thanks for your time trying to help me out. I really appreciate the work on the app and the time