Reply To: Choppiness since update


No look I’m sorry but this problem is definitely real, no more weaseling out with battery optimization and all the rest of it; didn’t help.

I’ve now encountered the same issue with Tyrian 2000, Ultima VIII and SWOS 96-97; games which never had choppiness before.

Good news though is that it’s not really a problem with the emulator becoming slower or something. The issue is only apparent when the performance is set to auto or max. When set to custom and a suitable cycle value manually, the games all play perfect. So it seems that the regression has been solely in the algorithm that decides on the appropriate amount of cycles to emulate for a given game.

I really do suggest that you take notice this time admin. What are new customers going to think when they start using Magic DosBox leaving games on default settings, and see that it runs most of them like crap?