Reply To: Wireless keyboard Right Shift key issues on Android


Thanks for your reply Tony.

When keyboard on auto I do have the AZERTY keyboard because of the Android setting (FR) but the numbers are unshifted and the special characters like the US keyboard.

If however I change to keyb fr I do have the US characters (QWERTY) but the special characters are correct (FR) with the exception of the button next to the N but this one is a additional button from Logitech.

I’ve tried key-mapping in DOSBOX-074 but still problems with the M, I cannot find key-mapping in your program.

The same error in DOSBOX-074 on Android but not in DOSBOX-074 for Windows.

This is my layout FR
and this the US version

By the way, if you have to test on 64 bit, I do have two Android
64 bit versions (8.1 on AArch64 and 5.1 on Intel Atom ARMv7) running.

Kind regards, Robert.


can you provide me more information? I must say at beginning, that I am busy with “special version”, but it will released in next two weeks, so I will have more time on other issues. Meanwhile I like to gather some information. Do you add command “keyb fr” in dosbox? If yes, can you describe me which key you press on keyboard, what should be output and what is displayed in dosbox? Best would be if you try get it work in desktop dosbox, this way I will be sure that it really works and I must fix bridge between android and dosbox.

Best regards,