Reply To: I can´t make Alone in the Dark 1 work with magic dosbox


Hello all and thanks for your replies!

There is no error message, just a black screen. It is pretty weird. The android version is 7.0, and the game is placed in sdcard. If you mean if a I have and custom android rom, I don’t really know. It is a chinese machine, GPD XD PLUS so it could be possible. I have rename the GOG extension for BIN and the INST one for CUE, it that way they would be recognized for dosbox isn’t it? By the way, the steps I followed were:
– Download and install the game.
– Copy the game folder to the sdcard.
– Rename GOG for ISO and INST for CUE.
– Make a new profile adding cdrom letter D: and pointing the ISO file.
– Adding INDARK.EXE for executable file and INSTALL.EXE for setup.
– CPU normal and cycles: custom to set 10000 in game.

And… I think that’s all… I don’t have any new ideas XD