Reply To: NBA Live 95


So I guess I’ll start from scratch, just going through my setup.

Drive C:\ I chose my dos folder on my external sd card, so “/mnt/external_sd/ROMS/DOS
Memory 32MB
CD-ROM label NBA95 using drive letter D:
I mapped the iso image to D, so “/mnt/external_sd/ROMS/DOS/NBA95/NBA Live 95.iso
Enabled CD and D: NBA95
Setup, I chose install.exe
Check-marked expert commands and clicked setup to bring me to dos.

Z:\>mount c: “mnt/external_sd/ROMS/DOS/” -freesize 1024
Drive C is mounted as local directory mnt/external_sd/ROMS/DOS/

Z:\>mount D: “/mnt/external_sd/ROMS/DOS/NBA95/” -t cdrom -label “NBA95”
MSCDEX: Mounted subdirectory: limited support.
Drive D is mounted as CDRom /mnt/external_sd/ROMS/DOS/NBA95/

This is where I run into my issues. It now just gives me a blinking cursor, unable to proceed with anything.