Reply To: Hi guys! so close with win95….need help!


That’s a good idea.. So what you did was one copy of windows with a full game installed and running on virtualbox, then u imaged the whole thing so that one image has ALL you need to run in dosbox without having to image mount, right?

Here’s a question… Where did you download the windows 95 drivers needed to run it correctly inside virtualbox? Does oracle provide them? It didn’t seem like it to me…. When virtualbox recreates a pc inside virtualbox, I can’t tell what video card it mimics, so I can’t tell which company’s driver I need to download.. This applies to other hardware as well. Because of this I noticed that a lot of the hardware runs in compatibility mode.

EDIT: so I think I found something…

I’m gonna give the guide here a go and see if I can use these generic Scitech drivers

BTW… WOW I can’t believe u got half-life 2 to run in a phone! ?????