Reply To: Hi guys! so close with win95….need help!

Al ex

The plain truth is that Windows 95 and Clone Drive just are an unstable mess.
I usually install and setup Win95 games in Dosbox on my Windows PC, then copy the hdd image files to my phone. I think in some cases, the installation simply slowed down to a crawl, but on the PC at least , with enough extra power, it continued slowly after a while.
Counterstrike will be a pain to play in Dosbox though. I’ve made a short video of Half Life running on my old S7 edge (still one of the fastest phones for Dosbox emulation), and it was barely playable:

I also made some other videos on my Youtube, and you can check the benchmark section on this forum to compare your phone’s specs with others. That will give you a rough idea of what will be possible.

For Half-Life / Counterstrike, get Xash3D from Google Play. It’s an interpreter, and runs the game at 60 fps even on a six years old Galaxy Note 2.