Reply To: Magic DosBox doesn't auto-close after shortcut launch


Thanks guys, much appreciated.

Can I be cheeky and ask one more question that’s only tangentially connected to all this, rather than starting another thread?

I have two sets of keyboard software installed on the Gemini; one is the built-in support for the on-board physical keyboard and the other is SwiftKey which I’ve found to offer better compatibility between the hardware keyboard and various emulators including UAE4ARM and Magic DosBox. (Someone in another group suggested this might be because both emulators use Simple Directmedia Layer which does its own non-native hardware polling, but I’m not sure). Long story short: some of the hardware keys, especially Ctrl- or Fn- modified keys, are easier to read or remap if SwiftKey is selected as the input for the hardware keyboard rather than the default Gemini input.

Prior to these recent behavioural changes I’m almost 100% certain that I used to be able to specify SwiftKey as the input layer for Magic DosBox (via General Settings | Input Method) while leaving the Gemini’s own keyboard as the default for the OS and all other apps. This gave the extra compatibility for the emulators, while preventing SwiftKey from getting in the way of other apps.

This has recently changed, and now whenever I select SwiftKey from within Magic DosBox it changes the default for the whole OS. I have to use the little keyboard icon on the Navigation Bar to switch it off again in other apps, which also switches it off in Magic DosBox.

A quick search for “android keyboard per-app” shows a multitude of third-party apps that seem to offer this functionality, suggesting that it’s never been a natively supported feature of Android. But I’m puzzled because I would have bet good money that it was working independently a few weeks ago.

I’m really hoping it’s another silly switch that I’ve missed, like the one for auto-close, but I suspect this one might be a bit deeper and outside of the scope of Magic DosBox itself. The latest Gemini firmware had a slightly updated keyboard wizard for setting the hardware keyboard’s language following a reboot, so it’s likely other things have also changed under the hood. If I had to take a wild stab at a culprit, I fear it might be this. But since I’ve had better answers in here than I’ve had elsewhere (even if the initial question turned out to be a ridiculous self-own) I figured I’d mention it just in case there’s an Android expert in the room who can offer me an equally face-palmable answer to this one.