Reply To: analog stick on gamepad stops working when phone is oriented a certain way

Mister Scratch

Yep! Everything actually works perfectly as long as the phone isn’t oriented in landscape mode with the bottom of the phone on the left. This is a fab port and I am having fun commanding wings with the phone oriented one of the ways that works, I just prefer the bottom on the left rather than the right because it gives me easier access to the volume buttons while the phone is in the gamepad’s clamp thing.

To reiterate, everything works fine unless the phone is turned sideways with the bottom of the phone on the left. This causes the analog stick to stop working until I restart the app. If I do not turn the phone that way the mapper works perfectly.

Thanks for prompt response time and lmk if you need any more information or whatever. This isn’t the most urgent thing in the world since it can be easily worked around, but it’d be cool to see it fixed down the road.