Reply To: Physical mouse on Samsung DeX



Thank you very much for warm words.

In next days will go out version 63. And I want work on better mouse support in version 64.

That “click and hold” what you describe is very weird, but I received this report one time in the past. But it was on custom rom, so I though problem is there. Are you on stock rom? Nvidia shield tablet does the some like you describe, but it can be disabled in options. It is called “treat as touch” or something like that.

Maybe it has something todo with android8+, because on older systems it works like is expected. I tried emulator with oreo and it works well. But, from donations was ordered device with android8, so I can check it when it will be at home.
Can I contact you when start work on that?

Edit : I think I know what is going on. Each even (touch or mouse) holds information from where it came from. I saw broken devices which sent incorect values. Seems on your device, events coming mouse look like events from touchscreen. I can make test app for that to the end of week