Reply To: Warcraft 3 on Magic Dosbox?

Al ex

Alright, the April 21st build is indeed working better than the one from April 8th. I also have water shaders working properly now (Gles v2, enable water, keep refraction disabled). It’s not optimized in any way though, there’s a huge performance hit when you enable this feature.

Btw, am I the only one who doesn’t like the OpenMW water shaders and thinks the vanilla Morrowind ones look better? Or is it just because Morrowind was the first game with cool water effects back then (I bought a Geforce4 Ti 4200 back then to play it properly ?)?

The controller setup is a pain though. When I hide the onscreen controls, I can’t even launch a game properly, because there’s no visible mouse cursor in the load screen. And the onscreen controls are sort of messed up: the right “thumb stick” emulates relative mouse, so you can’t turn properly. I have to swipe three or four times for a 360° spin for example. Also, inventory management is a pain.

I wish they’d simply implement absolute mouse, so I could tap the screen, and use hold & drag for inventory management.

But: as a proof of concept, it’s working nicely. Especially the UI scaling is great. I’m looking forward to future releases, and I’ll just keep the files on my internal SD (I don’t think it’s healthy to copy & delete 21.000 files over and over again).