Reply To: Wizardry I Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord


Tapping “Train” from the castle layer will navigate to the training layer seen below.
“Auto Roll” will automatically roll a new character (named Otto) and can be customized using the combos in the bottom left corner. It is set to assign bonus points to IQ and then attempt to delete the character. If it fails to delete it means the character has more bonus points to distribute. Tapping “Auto Roll” again at that point will attempt to assign the remaining bonus to agility and delete the character. If the character remains at that point it means the generated bonus points are around 22 or 23, which is an excellent roll. You can then redistribute the points to attributes as you see fit. The 5X, 10X, 50X buttons simply repeat the process more times to relieve you of the tedium of continually pressing “Auto Roll”. If a character has over 22 bonus points, it should not be deleted by this and the combo will eventually stop sending input and then you can edit the character as you like and save.