Reply To: Looking for ideal Duke3d setup


I agree, playing duke on your video looks cool. I am interested, but I am slow programmer, some things takes me long time. And implementing this is not work for 3-4 hours. I really need get familiar with these controls.

First idea was that I can add new flag “passthrough” to general widget’s properties. This means, that finger events will not be catched by first founded widget, but will continue down through widget’s tree to the main surface where you control mouse. But probably inside widget you will need process mouse events (or axis) on different speed (for better aim). This makes a lot of complications.

Another idea was implement completely new control schema according to beloko’s with possibility switch between schemas in general settings. Current schema is very complicated due gestures and various widget events. Having new “light” schema, without gestures would be at the end easier way.

Both has advantages and disadvantage, takes a lot of time and cannot be done from recording. I must play and think about during gameplay